Kristen Ciccarelli

We are really pleased to have spent some time with Kristen shooting headshots for her new book.  She is really a sweet person and when she first came in she was so very mild mannered and gentle.  It was such a privilege to chat with her more and to find out that she is brave and and adventuress.  I am so excited to read her new book when it comes out!  We got to hear a little bit about it while we were shooting!  I won't post her photo here so that you can follow this like and see it on her site!!  

Elopement in the Park

It has been so very long since I have had time to sit down and blog anything that I have missed posting many beautiful moments.  

Our Bride and Groom got in touch with us through her twin sister a week or two before their elopement in the park and we managed to fit it into our schedule.  I am so glad.  

It was a happy, beautiful ceremony.  It was a gorgeous evening.  It was so simple.  Two people who loved each other committing their lives together without all the fuss.  It was quite perfect.  They were sweet and a bit shy, but I love the photos we got.  Can I share them with you? 


Congratulations, Igloo Software

Our friends at Igloo software have a very cool new office and we got to go in and spend the day with them again.   Thanks Igloo, for inviting us to the opening party!  It was so much fun.   We got some more head shots for their business cards and we spent lots of time capturing a bit of their culture.  We took a few of the employees and got some stock type photos for their website and advertising.  I had never been into the Coffee Culture in the Walper Hotel.  It is such a beautiful location!  Fun was had by all. 

Corporate Photography
Waterloo Corporate Photography
Kitchener Corporate Photography
Kitchener Software Photography
Corporate culture Photography
Waterloo Photography
TechStartup Photography
Corporate Photography

I had such a hard time choosing which ones to post that there are actually many more photos to post.  If you want to see more you can follow the link to the Igloo Software Website where you will find tons of our photos! :)   

Elora Gorge Exploration!

We don't post too many photos of our kids, but we spent some time in the Elora Gorge on our vacation and it was a magical and beautiful day with our kids.  We explored caves and waded in the river and caught crayfish and chased minnows and other small fish.  We saw some amazing graffiti including minions and spend some great time together.  The very last photo is of the great storm of a few weeks ago.  When Lloyd took the photo it was as dark as night but the lightening lights up the whole photo!  It was a bit unnerving and gloriously beautiful at the same time!  

Fergus swimming Photography
Belwood Lake Swimming family photography
Elora Gorge Family Photography
Elora Gorge Family Photography
Elora Gorge Photography
Elora Mill Photography

Sweetness and Fun at the KPL

Under threat of a rainstorm we decided to shoot at the Kitchener Public Library.   We haven't shot there before but had visited the newly renovated space with our kids and noticed what a lovely place it is with lots of texture and lighting.  It fit this lovely family perfectly!  The Stevensons were a bit nervous at first but really relaxed by the end of our shoot.  What a lovely family with warmth and teasing and jokes.  They were such fun to spend time with!

The Burjoski's

This special couple are up to something fun.  We were privileged to take the 8 Cities course that these two have put together to strengthen and support great marriages.  With amazing food and decorations themed after each country it was a fun night out and a wonderfully rich learning event.  

We got to take these two uptown Waterloo to get great headshots and portraits in our beautiful city for these two to use in their future business endeavours as they head out to market their program to help more couples in the world build strong marriages.   And I am so excited about these photos!!  Love them!  More to come soon, Carolyn and Joe! 

Photo Booth Fun.

I am going through our photos from last year in preparation for this years wedding season I came across this series of Photo Booth shots!  On the day of the wedding, I was caught off guard by what a fun event it was for the guests!  They had a blast jumping in and making memories of their day and the bride and groom told us how very special it was for them to have those moments captured of their friends.  


waterloo ontario
wedding waterloo
wedding photographer
wedding photographer

The Beauty in us all.

Something you might not know about photographers is that we actually spend much more time with you than you think.  There is something so very interesting and almost creepy about spending all those hours editing your photos after the day of your shoot.  After four hours staring into your eyes we feel like we are your best friend for life even if we only spent an hour with you.    The part of photography that really brings me joy is meeting a stranger who is just a normal person and then spending an hour or two shooting great photos.  You feel you get to know the person well and learn about who they are and what makes them tick; it is a great job.  For me though, the the real magic happens in the editing.    The part where I am looking for the best photos to select for you.  I am looking through and I am often quite struck by the beauty in people's faces that one does not notice on first glance.  It is not Hollywood beauty that catches my eye;  it is the beauty and richness of a human life full of it's own personality and individuality.  It is not youth;  some of my favourite shots are of elderly people.  It is not smooth skin or slender bodies;  it is the light in your eyes,  the expression of who you are shining out at the world.  The beauty in you is the way that you are like no other person on earth.  The beauty that is in you is the beauty of who you are and sometimes all it takes is someone who it looking for it.  

Battle of 1812- Soldiers on a hot day.


One of our beautiful projects lately has been to photograph 22 Willow St. in Waterloo.  The building is as beautiful as the communities that inhabit it.   Our photos are all over Elevation's new website and they look beautiful!  Have a peak: Elevation

Hydrated World

Hydrated World recently launched their new edition sweatshirt featuring our photography!  They were so fun to work with and we had a great day.   If you haven't heard about Hydrated World head on over to their website and find out more what they do... they are a clothing company that wants to make a real change in the world!  So many people have no access to safe drinking water!  It is a project that is close to our hearts! 

Here are some of our favourites from the day! 

There were so many more!!