The Beauty in us all.

Something you might not know about photographers is that we actually spend much more time with you than you think.  There is something so very interesting and almost creepy about spending all those hours editing your photos after the day of your shoot.  After four hours staring into your eyes we feel like we are your best friend for life even if we only spent an hour with you.    The part of photography that really brings me joy is meeting a stranger who is just a normal person and then spending an hour or two shooting great photos.  You feel you get to know the person well and learn about who they are and what makes them tick; it is a great job.  For me though, the the real magic happens in the editing.    The part where I am looking for the best photos to select for you.  I am looking through and I am often quite struck by the beauty in people's faces that one does not notice on first glance.  It is not Hollywood beauty that catches my eye;  it is the beauty and richness of a human life full of it's own personality and individuality.  It is not youth;  some of my favourite shots are of elderly people.  It is not smooth skin or slender bodies;  it is the light in your eyes,  the expression of who you are shining out at the world.  The beauty in you is the way that you are like no other person on earth.  The beauty that is in you is the beauty of who you are and sometimes all it takes is someone who it looking for it.  

Battle of 1812- Soldiers on a hot day.